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Four Tips for Great Presentations

The Association of Professional Christian Speakers posted this short article on some of my lessons learned as a speaker. Here’s the link:

Anything you’d like to share as a speaker, presenter or in sales? As the old adage says, “We’re all in sales,” whether we’re selling toothbrushes or digital ideas or the importance of vegetables to a 4-year old. I’d love to hear and share some of your presentation tips too! And look for my Mother’s Day presentation in mid-May. I’m honored to be the guest speaker at my home church on this important day.


Physical Therapy for My Heart

NOTE:  I published this on my website blog early in the day of the Boston Marathon.  Please join me in praying for those impacted by this senseless evil.

I confess to being something of an adrenaline junkie.  Not like you truly crazy humans who feel compelled to jump out of airplanes or ski down mountains with vertical slopes.  No, I like living from high to high in my daily life.

Runners (like I used to be) get this kind of high after a great, demanding run.  And I get that same kind of high whenever my plans come together better than I imagined, or when someone really embraces the point I’m trying to make.  The things that rock my soul feed that dopamine or adrenaline or whatever combination of bodily Read more…

Catherine Boyle Interview on Insight, Part 2 of 2

My interview on the Canadian television program “Insight,” found on The Miracle Channel, part 2 of 2. This segment features email and caller questions and comments.  As you can see, I don’t really live in a lean-to!

Interview on Insight, Part 1 of 2

Here’s the first part of my hour-long interview about eating disorder and my book, Hungry Souls: What the Bible Says About Eating Disorder, on Insight, a program on The Miracle Channel in Canada. Your comments are welcome!

One Little Word

Here’s an article I wrote, taking a look at the seamy underside of professional speaker-dom. Hope you enjoy this funny on your Friday!

Springtime Tisha B’Av

In just a few weeks, I “celebrate” (dread? acknowledge? endure?) another birthday. I’m not sure exactly when the mania leading up to my birthday began, but for at least 10 years I’ve faced the last few weeks before the Big Day with more than just a little angst and trepidation.

Part of it is because so many terrible things happen in this season each year. The Oklahoma City Bombing, the tragedy at Waco, the Columbine High School shootings, Hitler’s birthday are all horribly intertwined with the remembrances of Passover and Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Satan does his best to take our focus off what we should be celebrating, that is, God’s power over death, by instead shoving the horrors of death in my face, and in your face.

A couple of years ago I wrote about a similar time period in the Jewish calendar called ‘The Three Weeks’ or ‘In Dire Straits.’ Formally known as ‘Tisha B’Av’ or the 9th of the month Av, the three-week period leading up to what is this year July 15 – 16 memorializes the horrible events that have taken place throughout history on the 9th of Av. See the post for just a few of the unbelievable things that have befallen the Jewish nation for more than 2500 years on that very day.

I’m not sure that my late-April birthday holds similar sway in the spiritual realm. Fact is, my birthday has nothing to do with any of this. God just ordained that I would be born near Passover and the Resurrection, so He could help me pay attention to things like this. It’s one of the ways He’s guided me and let me know when He needs me to do something specific.

So if you think of me in the next few weeks, pray for my spiritual well-being, pray for my family as they live with the time of my craziness, pray for my family as we figure out what to do for my sweet not-very-old cat who was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer last week. Lately I’ve felt like I’ve been drinking from a fire hose in the dark, with few clues to see where He’s leading.

The good news? He knows what’s good for me. I don’t. I can trust Him. So I can say with complete confidence, whether things look bleak (like now!) or everything is sunny and warm, “Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

Way of Life #4: Consistency

Like many of you, I started this year with some new goals, some resolutions. Much to my dismay, several of my resolutions have not exactly panned out as planned.

Doomed to failure from the start was the desire to complete P90X (a Christmas gift) within 90 actual days. Not epochs or millennia, but calendar days. In a row. In my humble but accurate opinion, the P90X people should seriously consider Read more…