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Launch Day

August 3, 2015

Today is officially Day 1 of my leap back into ministry. God has been quietly speaking this entire year that the time was rapidly approaching for me to go into the new unknown, that place that He has prepared.

I don’t know exactly where He’s leading, or what this entails, but I do know it all has to do with the body of believers, who the Church is really supposed to be. It also has to do with mental health, and supporting those who struggle with mental health issues. And it has to do with abuse within the body of Christ.

I’ve started some preliminary research, I’ve met with a few people. I now know enough to be dangerous. Writing and speaking and maybe even a new ministry entity are part of this future. If you really love God, and seek His will, I covet your prayers.

He’s sent me not one but 2 pastoral messages in the last 24 hours that spoke directly to this place of launching; adrift, but with purpose. He does that with me, for me. I bet He does it for you too.

Jesus didn’t die so I could be comfortable. Jesus died so other people could live. And if I’m really His disciple, my life will come to resemble His. So will yours.

In case you’re wondering, “Little House” is still in the works. We had to finish living it before I could finish writing it. We’re not quite there, but we’re close. You’ll be the first to know when it is time to birth that baby.

More from me regularly, and soon, as this project and process begins.


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